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Welcome to the Khai's, where the fight never stops! Dedicated to all the boxing fans around the world.




My name is Daniel. I'm an entrepreneur and a die-hard lover of boxing, and I've always had interested in sports & fashion. My passion for both boxing and fashion made it possible for me to bring quality apparels and accessories into boxing.  Clothing can change the public image of anyone in a drastic way, especially if you are a lover of boxing. When it comes to details, our stylish line of clothing will separate you from sloppy dressers and our collection of boxing accessories will get you ready for the biggest stage. 

Being obsessed with details, I make sure every clothing & accessories are manufactured with the top-notch precision. And what's often been a misconception, is that this kind of quality has to be extremely expensive.

I'm here to prove everyone wrong and offer affordable prices for every quality products on this platform. 



I have the assurance that you have had a wonderful time on this platform. We will be glad to have you as one of the members of our community. Connect with us on our social media platforms, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. We will reply your enquiries as soon as we receive them.

Email us at [email protected] If you have any suggestion. What set us apart from other brand is that we always listen to our fans and customers.

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