Why Buy From Us


At Khai’s, the essence of our service is to provide top-quality boxing accessories for our customers and we are committed towards achieving this feat through every one of our product. When it comes to fitness and fashion, we have partnered with the best companies that manufactures the best products that ascertains your fitness in the boxing sport and products that offers a fashionable taste to your apparel collections. Technology offers a great importance to everything we make use of nowadays and that’s why at Khai’s, we have our inclination towards this path. Every one of our products promises to get the best out of you in every of your training sessions and keep you in perfect shape before your fight. At Khai’s, we are winners and that’s why we offer products that guarantee your victory in the boxing ring and dominance in fashion as a boxing fan.

Below are the lists of few among many reasons why you should buy from us;

  • Ever since the establishment of Khai’s in 2007, we have never had a scenario where any customer wasn’t absolutely satisfied with our service delivery, and we are determined to continue on this glorious path. In order to achieve this consistently, we have our team of experts who are always ready to listen to opinions, ideas and suggestions from professionals in the boxing sports so that we can improve and adopt their recommendations to provide better and more technologically inclined products.
  • Our return policy instills confidence and assurance of top care for our customers, it covers a period of 60 days. Even though all our products are of quality standards, should in case you received a product with any form of defect perhaps due to transportation hoarse, or your expectation about the product wasn’t fulfilled upon arrival or you decide to change your mind about the product. For all these reasons, you can file a complaint on whether to return the product or make an exchange, we will respond to your complaint and ensure you are properly attended to.
  • We deliver your product to your door step through fast procedures. One of the challenging aspect of product shipping is slow delivery, but at Khai’s, we have all measures in place to make sure that you get your product as fast as possible. All you must do is decide on which product you want to order, where and when you want it delivered, then sit and relax till you have your product delivered. We also give you access to monitor your product as they are being transported.
  • Your transaction is well protected with us via the 256-bit encryption technology. This type of technology delivers a high level of protection against any form of cyber-attack plotted towards stealing your important data. Standard financial institutions make use of 128-bit encryption but we make use of higher encryption technology. That to show you how valuable you are to us. For every of your transaction on our platform, you have rock-solid security.

If it is not the best, then it cannot be like the best, At Khai’s, we don’t just want to be among the providers of boxing accessories and apparels, we want to be the best and we are working around the clock daily to achieve this.